Microblading 101

So you want fabulous brows?! Well congrats, you came to the right place! But before we get started let's just make sure you're a good candidate for microblading. Also you can find info her on how to prep and things to avoid for your upcoming appointment. Also what to expect during the healing process and aftercare rules. OKAY! Now you're on your way to the brows of your dreams!


In order to be a good candidate for microblading, it's best not to have previously tattooed brows or microbladed brows. Howerver, there is an exception to this if the previous work you have is very light and faded or if you would like a touch up. You can email us pictures to find out if you qualify!

Other reasons to avoid microblading:

  • if you have any serious health issues or auto-immune disorders

  • if you have problems healing or have to take antibiotics for small procedures

  • if you are currently using Accutane


  • Hepatitis

  • pregnant/breastfeeding

  • previous cosmetic tattoos (must email photos for approval)

  • currently on chemotherapy/radiation

  • keloid

  • hyper-pigmentation/hypo-pigmentation

  • epilepsy

  • other serious health conditions


Now that you've established that microblading is a good choice for you, here are some things you'll want to keep in mind before your upcoming appointment and ways to prep for it!

  • Avoid using Retinol/Retin-A/AHA products 10 days prior to your appointment

  • Avoid botox 30 days before and after your appointment

  • Avoid chemical peels, laser facials/resurfacing 30 days before and after your appointment

  • No Accutane within 6 months of your appointment

  • Avoid consuming caffeine before your appoinment

  • Avoid taking aspirin before your appoinment

  • No blood thinners

  • No steroids

  • Avoid vitamin E, fish oil, and alcohol 24 hours before your appoinment (these will cause your blood to thin and make it harder for pigment to stay in the skin)


Microblading Aftercare

We hope you love your new brows! Here are the rules for taking care of those babies! Follow as best as possible, we wanna make sure you keep them looking fab!

in the morning gently wipe the brow area with a SMALL amount of warm water on a cotton ball. Then apply a THIN layer of healing ointment 1-2 times a day for 7-10 days. DO NOT get your brows wet at all during this time, especially in the first 3 days. Excessive moisture in the area will not allow the pigment to bond to the skin properly.

Immediately after the procedure your brows will appear bold and crisp. Over the next 3 days they will become darker, bolder, and more defined. This is all part of the healing process and they won't stay this way. Eventually scabs will form and lightly flake off revealing the pigment beneath. During this stage the pigment can appear dull, faded or even look as if its disappeared. DO NOT WORRY! As the skin regenerates the pigment will start to settle and re-appear.

Showering during your healing period can be difficult because you'll want to avoid soaking your brows in the water. You also want to be sure that you avoid getting soap, shampoo or other products in your brows, especially in the first 5 days because it can be detrimental to the bonding process. I recommend not getting your head wet at all for the first 3-4 days, then after that a quick pass through the water is fine as long you avoid it directly on your brows and dry your face immediately after.

During the healing period you must avoid the following:

  • DO NOT apply cosmetics in the brow area for two weeks

  • DO NOT pick at any scabs that form on the brow, picking can cause pre-mature loss of pigment

  • DO NOT exercise for at least one week, and second week only light exercise

  • DO NOT go swimming or soak your brows

  • AVOID sweating or going in any saunas

  • DO NOT use anti-acne or anti-aging products in the brow area at all

  • DO NOT apply and products other than the healing ointment to the brows during the healing period

  • DO NOT wax or thread brows during the healing period

  • DO NOT bleach or tint brows during the healing period